SEO for Mom Bloggers

Who wants more traffic to their blog?

In another EVO workshop Dennis Goedegebuure, who has been the SEO director at eBay for 9 years spoke about SEO for bloggers. Even though it’s directed to mom bloggers, these SEO principles apply to any blogger who wants more traffic to their blog. So, pretty much all of us.

There’s a huge list of WordPress plugins which only apply if you use WordPress and host it yourself. After that there are many tips but I suggest going to the slides at the end of the post.

I heard a lot of buzz about this session, but this quote pretty much sums up the love:

Thank you, thank you, thank you for the best session ever at a conference. I’ve attended many conferences over my many years in corporate America but this one, which I attended for personal reasons, was the best ever. I took so many notes I had to fnd more notebooks. And a very big Thank you for posting the references, pages, etc.
- Jane Bauer

Just remember this was a 3 hour workshop, so it may take some time to digest all the information.